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Mary DeLuise, Floral Designer/ Owner, having grown up with creative, crafty project abilities…

As a child Mary assisted her father grow flowers in their backyard and enjoyed harvesting the beautiful blossoms.  She would take a large handled wicker basket, collect the colorful varieties, and one by one place them into the basket.  She would then create arrangements for family and friends.  During her teens she took numerous classes at  local craft stores and began making silk/dried pieces to sell on consignment in a local antique store.

Years later as an adult and after accomplishing a successful Executive Secretarial Career; corporate restructuring allowed Mary to realize her childhood hobby was her adult passion.  “Life is too short so one must enjoy what they do.” 

Mary began by taking advantage of several Floral shop opportunities which presented themselves thus allowing Mary to learn the ins and outs of the floral industry.  8+ years later, “Bunch of Blooms Floral Design” was born.   Mary’s floral career has included extensive training at “The Vermont Academy of Floral Design”, and numerous seminars and trade shows.  Her career has taken her from the “Tournament of Roses Parade” in Pasadena, CA, to the “Table Cape Tulip Farm” in Wynyard, Tasmania (Australia) where she learned first-hand from the 3rd-generation owner of the facility how tulips and bulbs are cultivated, harvested and processed.  These experiences have all served to provide Mary with a depth of understanding of the Floral industry few others can speak of, and they have helped fine-tune Mary’s natural ability for floral design.

With the benefits of technology married with Mary’s organizational abilities (from her administrative corporate days), she has effectively communicated, coordinated and planned local weddings with brides that live out of state and even out of the country.  She has worked with brides from Italy, Germany, California, and Indiana whose weddings were in the greater Danbury, Connecticut and Westchester, New York areas.  In addition, she has worked to plan out of town weddings and events in Rhode Island, California, and several parts of New York including New York City.

Mary’s vision for Bunch of Blooms Floral Design entails keeping the “floral industry alive” during these economically challenging times.   This includes offering “unique”, custom designed pieces, providing exceptional one to one service, and supplying quality flowers at reasonable prices.  In addition, Mary works to educate adults and children about flower care to ensure longevity of ones’ investment and build appreciation of the beauty and wonder which are the “Bunches of Blooms” we bring into our homes.

No matter the reason or occasion…flowers brighten the day and provide ambiance.  Mary looks forward to having “her unique custom designs” along with the sweet scents of blooms intoxicate your vision of a splendid event day.  May you too take time out to “smell the roses” and test your own creativity by being a part of one of Mary’s group classes and private theme (birthday, bridal and baby shower) parties for children and adults. 

Contact or e-mail us to discuss your event.  We look forward to hearing from you.